The Vision of Abram

► See “The Vision of Abram” Worship Service, May 17, 2020 Was Abram having visions because of his faithfulness, or did he become faithful because … Read more

Mother’s Teaching

► See “Mother’s Teaching” Worship Service, May 10, 2020 Mother is the origin of us all. Mother is the name we think of when we … Read more

Abram & King Melchizedek

► See “Abram & King Melchizedek” Worship Service, May 3, 2020 In the Bible, there are a few mysterious figures who appear only once with … Read more

God’s Promise to Abram

► See “God’s Promise to Abram” Worship Service, April 26, 2020 Making a promise is a serious matter if we were to take our words … Read more

The Significance of Bethel

► See “The Significance of Bethel” Worship Service, April 19, 2020 Life is a journey. A journey means being more in the process than in … Read more

Palm Sunday Communion Service

► See “Palm Sunday Communion Service” Worship Service, April 5, 2020 Traditionally, the kingship of Jesus Christ has been the center of emphasis on Palm … Read more

Accepting the Reality of Life

► See “Accepting the Reality of Life” Worship Service, March 29, 2020 At times, life takes us into unexpected and unwanted territory with events that … Read more

Symbolism of our Sanctuary

► See “Symbolism of our Sanctuary” Worship Service, March 15, 2020 On this Sunday, I  present a special message regarding my understanding of the symbolic … Read more