Sunday School


Here at the Swedenborgian Church we have an exciting and vibrant Sunday School program, and we invite your family to become a part of it.

Our friendly, open and progressive church has a continuing commitment to a children’s program that fosters and nurtures the spiritual growth of our children in a caring and fun-loving manner.

We know that most parents want to provide for their children’s spiritual education. They just want to find a church whose goals they share. At our church, we are more interested in promoting wisdom than pushing doctrine.

We encourage positive values through a creative and fun atmosphere. We teach about religion and spirituality in ways that will still make sense to our kids when they become adults. We welcome the questions, doubts, and even fears our children (and our adults!) may have about God.


Sunday School Schedule

The Sunday School year is the first Sunday after Labor Day through May.

We have classes for children ages 4 through 15, a youth group for older high school kids and child care is provided for children under 4. Would you like to join us? There is no cost, but it will require something very precious of you: a commitment to your child’s spiritual growth and awakening.

Children attend the first portion of our worship service in the sanctuary prior to Sunday School and we invite you to join us. We have a warm, interesting congregation and a beautiful, historic setting in which to discover new friendships and deepen your own spiritual life.


For more information concerning the Sunday School program or for a Sunday School registration form, please contact our church office at 415-346-6466 or by email at