The Worried Mind

The problem of worrying is not from being conscious of actual or potential problems, which is a necessary act, but from being in a state of anxiety and uncertainty, which causes a big negative impact on the mind.

The Unknowable God

All statements, descriptions, and illustrations regarding God are never about the true God, but only about how humans perceive, experience, and thus understand God. Consequently, what we call “theology” is not the study of God, but mere collections of human articulations on what we perceive and believe as God.

Swedenborg’s Service to the People

What made Swedenborg infamous to the point that his name was rarely mentioned in the history of science or religion was that he claimed to have spiritual visions from God, and further to have God-granted ability to communicate with angels and spirits in the spiritual realm. However, his main motivation to write and self-publish his prolific works was a sense of calling and service to people.

What does it mean to be useful?

Humans arrogantly play the role of the ultimate judge in deciding the values and usefulness of all things and matters. But the truth is that humans are also just a part of nature! The role of humans is not to be the judges, but to be contributors to the web of life within which they are born, live, and die.

What is wisdom?

While it may be noble and courageous to attempt to change or improve one’s innate condition and abilities, the truth is that God endowed us with an ability to cultivate happiness and joy within the conditions and abilities with which we are born and living!

A Day to Let Go

Mistakes and errors that we have made are problematic not just because they happened, but because of how our mind carries and reacts to them. And, if we carry them around long enough, they might become a spiritual blockage between God and us.

God’s Abounding Gift

In John 13, Jesus teaches, “Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.” Jesus loved the disciples not because of their position, wealth, or what they could do for him, but simply because of their humanity itself and for their joyful life. This is the love that Jesus came to teach us…