Sunday Worship Service 11 a.m.

Our Sunday worship service starts at 11 AM, a traditional Christian service that usually lasts about one hour.  Join us for our coffee and fellowship hour in the Parish House following service. Childcare & Sunday School is offered during most services.

Sunday, October 7 – Pacific Coast Association Annual Meeting Worship Service

with Rev. Junchol Lee, Rev. Dr. Jim Lawrence, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Mitchell, Rev. Dr. Rachel Rivers, & Rev. Thom Muller. All are welcome!

Social Justice is the New Jerusalem

From its beginnings in late eighteenth-century England and continuing up to the present day, a careful debate has cropped up from time to time within the Swedenborgian tradition as to what extent social justice issues might be broached in church discourse. The answering light shimmers from the New Jerusalem itself.

Readings: Isaiah 58:3-6, 9-12, Revelation 21: 9-17, Revelation Unveiled §905 (Swedenborg)


Upcoming Services

October 21 – Rev. Junchol Lee
October 28 – Rev. Junchol Lee
November 4 – Rev. Junchol Lee, communion sunday

Additional Worship Services

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Online Worship Community
The Rev. Wilma Wake is the minister of our denomination’s first on-line spiritual community. If you live far from a local Swedenborgian church, or find yourself otherwise homebound, you may enjoy visiting www.SwedenborgianCommunity.org.