Sunday Worship Service 11 a.m.

Our Sunday worship service starts at 11 a.m., a traditional Christian service that usually lasts about one hour.  Join us for our coffee and fellowship hour in the Parish House following service. Childcare & Sunday School is offered during most services.

Sunday, January 19 – Rev. Junchol Lee

New Year, New Beginnings

A new year has begun! Yet, perhaps many things in 2019 are still occupying our mind while we are trying to make a plan for 2020. Taking a step into a new territory is always challenging, which often leads to hesitation. On this Sunday, I would like to reflect on a spiritual lesson we can learn from the story of Noah and the blessing of God when he was beginning a new life on earth.

Readings: Genesis 9:1-7; Matthew 10:26-31; Secrets of Heaven #981 (Swedenborg)

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January 26 –¬†Rev. Sage Cole, guest preacher
February 2 – Rev. Junchol Lee, communion Sunday
February 9 – Rev. Junchol Lee, worship in meditation

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