Sunday Worship Service 11 a.m.

Our Sunday worship service starts at 11 AM, a traditional Christian service that usually lasts about one hour.  Join us for our coffee and fellowship hour in the Parish House following service. Childcare & Sunday School is offered during most services.

Sunday, September 15 – Dr. Devin Zuber

Creation Care for our Sick Earth

In California, the warm dry weeks of September mean another (hotter) fire season is soon upon us. The evidence of climate change is no longer some distant future in front of us, but palpably in the quickening signs of weather systems, weird and out-of-wack, unfolding all around us. What does the Swedenborgian tradition have to say about our relationship to this planet, and how we are (mis)treating the earth? How can we find hope, amidst so much bad environmental news? We’ve been quite good at reading the Creation story in Genesis as an allegory for our individual spiritual growth and regeneration; this sermon explores another direction, of our spiritual responsibility to be better collective stewards of God’s beautiful creation.

Readings: Isaiah 40:10-11 & John 10:11-18, Genesis 4:1-16, Secrets of Heaven #357(Swedenborg)

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