Do we know what we need?

After a long search and difficult journey, she finally found the celestial being. Upon listening to the woman, the being said, “I am moved by your sad story, so I will give you an opportunity. However, to become a celestial being you must give up all that is human.”

A Journey to Selflessness

The purpose of human creation is to become beings who transcend their own selves and love others as God does. However, loving others selflessly requires unlearning our seemingly innate tendency to be selfish or self-centered. For this reason, this process feels like an impossible challenge…

What Comes of Envy

in Numbers 12 Aaron and Miriam went against Moses saying, “Has the Lord spoken only through Moses? Has he not spoken through us also?” Tellingly, the translators of the Bible titled Numbers 12 as “Aaron and Miriam jealous of Moses.” But what was the cause of such negative and destructive feelings?

Managing Expectations

Whether they serve us or not, we often have trouble letting go of expectations. When our expectations are met, we are pleased and delighted. However, when our expectations are not met, we are saddened and at times angry and complain.

The Flock of Jesus

According to Jesus, the qualification to be a good shepherd is to be willing “to lay one’s life for the sheep.” This is very inspiring for two reasons: 1. As the good shepherd, Jesus would provide all of us equal and fair opportunities for spiritual renewal and fulfillment; 2. Jesus would not do or even intend anything that would be harmful to humans.

Spiritual Nourishment

Just as our physical body requires material nutrients for its life, our spiritual body requires spiritual nutrients for its life. And, just as our physical body weakens or deforms when it lacks necessary nutrients, our spiritual body follows in the same way when we cultivate evil instead of goodness and falsity instead of truth.

The Rules of Freedom

What is important about the commandments may not be that they are divine mandates to the Israelites, but that the divine message to humanity is that living as free people requires keeping certain rules.