Receiving God’s Truth

It seems that there is definitely something special about being Jesus’s disciples, because they were given the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, while others were not. The disciples symbolize the spiritual preparedness for the spiritual journey.

To Be Born from Above

Being “born again,” which sounds impossible when taken literally, focuses on the transformation of human mentality (or spirituality), while being “born from above” focuses on the necessity of acknowledging the truth that life is from God, and we are just vessels that receive and contain the life from God.


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The Truth at Heart

Having faith in Jesus or in any religion is not about saying certain things because they are considered true and correct by others, but about actually knowing what one believes with experience and understanding. The reality of faith does not dwell in knowing the right things, but arises from living what is true to one’s heart.


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Sharing the Joy of Jesus

The joy of Jesus is not of any materialistic origin but from heaven and of the Creator. Our hearts are hungry for this essential joy. However, this joy comes to our hearts neither as an automatic flow nor by a transactional action.