Sunday Worship Service – Advent III December 10, 2023 Prelude: “Christmas Time is Here” from “Peanuts” by Vince Guaraldi – Kimie Karlton, pianist Greetings Announcements Wise Words … Read more

How do we find peace?

One key point in cultivating peace may be found in the word “justice.” Justice is often mentioned in the Old Testament as an attribute of God in the way that God always judges with fairness and mercy. So how would a human being cultivate justice?


Thanksgiving Worship Service November 19, 2023 Prelude: Improvisation – James Washington, pianist Greetings Announcements Wise Words from John Gaul Hymn: “For the Fruit of All Creation” Opening … Read more

Giving Thanks for Life Itself

Some may ask, “what have I received to be thankful for in this life filled with challenges and problems?” To those people, Buddha may point out the importance of acknowledging the universal and essential gift that is shared with all living beings: life itself.