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Listen With Your Heart

hy would it be helpful to think with one’s eyes closed? The hopeful expectation is that one might be able to see what is in one’s heart, because seeing the physical and materialistic reality has been limited by closing one’s eyes.

When is God present?

We often keep God outside of our life or at a certain distance. But the problem with this attitude is that true happiness and inner joy also stay away from us because they come to us accompanied by God…

Worship Service Live Stream

Live stream available here every Sunday at 11 am! Follow link to join & for more info.

Celebration of Life

The resurrection of Jesus reveals that we are spiritual beings whose true life begins in heaven, as designed by God.

Searching for What is Already Found

People at the time of Jesus expected Jesus to be the king of their physical realm. However, Jesus is the king of the spiritual realm, which is already present within us…

West Coast Swedenborgian Retreat

Memorial Day Weekend Mary 24-27th. Early bird pricing until April 21st! “Reflecting On Challenges & Cultivating Our Perspectives” 

Why do we make bad choices?

People choose things that are not helpful or even harmful to them despite having obvious, better choices. This could be due to greed, overwhelming emotion, or ignorance. Yet, there is a deeper challenge to humans: we are born in a materialistic reality and raised by its principles.

Online Bible Study

Virtual Zoom gathering every Thursday at 7 p.m. A Swedenborgian-focused Bible study for all.

Where is the truth?

Being truthful to oneself is the key to being faithful. In other words, believing in something or some being faithfully could only be possible when one’s heart is authentic and transparent.