The Body & The Spirit

“Let there be a dome in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.” –Genesis 1:6

The Spirit of God then makes a distinction between the inner and the outer being, and between the religious knowledge we possess in our inner selves and the secular knowledge belonging to our outer selves. -Heavenly Secrets #24 by Emanuel Swedenborg

Dear members and friends,

Acquiring knowledge is very crucial, especially to humans. Unlike many other creatures on earth, a human baby is born lacking both ability and knowledge of how to survive, let alone how to be a proper human. The process of acquiring knowledge is often much more complex than we might normally assume. Theses days, a common assumption is that we acquire all necessary knowledge from formal learning such as schooling, tutors, etc. But, both conscious and unconscious learning begins much earlier through personal/subjective means. The unconscious part of acquiring knowledge might even begin as soon as our brain starts to function, when we are still in our mother’s womb!

However, the biggest challenge is neither how to acquire knowledge nor how to use it, but rather acknowledging that there are two different types of knowledge: that of the spirit and that of the body. One type of learning supports and nurtures our survival, success and well-being in the physical reality, while the other supports and nurtures the cultivation of our spirit, which consequently results in spiritual well-being. Yet another obstacle to gaining this knowledge is the fact that most of us do not even realize there are different types until “the light” has shone into our mind. This light of truth is the light in Genesis symbolizing the truth from God, which brings inner acknowledgement of the spiritual reality within us. And, the waters in Genesis symbolize the types of knowledge, which are to be divided in two: one above the expanse and another below. The expanse symbolizes the inner person in to which all our heavenly qualities will be stored.

In a summery, receiving and perceiving a higher truth can only make a real difference when we are willing to sort matters, concepts, and priorities within us. We must learn to focus on the spiritual rather than the material to fully utilize our newly-gained knowledge.

Blessings, Rev. Junchol Lee