Inurnment Fundraiser for John Gaul

Help us raise funds for John Gaul’s inurnment in the San Francisco Columbarium.

Portrait of John Gaul by Douglas Stinson

Did you know John Gaul? Was your life influenced by this Victorian-styled San Francisco eccentric? Have you seen his picture on vans and busses advertising “Meals on Wheels”? Were you present when he was knighted Sir John Gaul, Imperial Poet Laureate and Minister of Fashion by Emperor Norton?

Although he passed on July 25, 2023, we wish to give this former church member and San Francisco fixture a fitting resting place in the San Francisco Columbarium. He will be placed alongside other San Francisco legends including Harvey Milk and the Brown twins.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 as we have a donor with matching funds. John did not leave behind an estate or living relatives, so as his spiritual family, we have been entrusted with the task of giving him a final resting place.

Please consider making a donation online or by check! Contact the church office to ensure your contribution is properly allocated: or 415-346-6466

After we have raised the funds, we will celebrate his life and his inurnment at the San Francisco Columbarium on the anniversary of his birth, November 9, 2024 at 11:00 am. If you wish to participate, contact Rev. Lee at

Please help us honor the life and memory of this much-loved and very distinguished man.

Donate Today
When making your donation, please be sure to indicate that it is for John Gaul’s inurnment. If donating by check, simply write “John Gaul” in the memo line. If by credit card, please contact the office to let us know the date and amount of your donation. Thank you!
Read John’s obituary as printed in The New Fillmore here.