Sunday Worship Service July 17, 2024 Prelude: Improvisation by J. Washington – James Washington, pianist Greetings Announcements Hymn: “I Need Thee Every Hour”  Opening of the Word Responsive … Read more

The Flow of the Divine

Humans have a tendency to insist their own reasoning as truth instead of seeking and finding the real truth descending from high above.


Worship in Meditation July 14, 2024 Prelude: Gathering Song, traditional – Heather Garland, soloist Greetings & Announcements Opening of the Holy Word Contemplation I Meditation with … Read more

Being Uncommon for God

In the biblical context, to make something common is unacceptable to God, because God desires people to be holy, which means different.

Inurnment Fundraiser for John Gaul

Help us raise funds for John Gaul’s inurnment in the San Francisco Columbarium. Did you know John Gaul? Was your life influenced by this Victorian-styled … Read more


Communion Worship Service July 7, 2024 Prelude: “On Golden Pond” by Dave Grusin (b. 1934) – Charles Calhoun, keyboardist Greetings/Announcements  Hymn: “Guide Me, O Thou Great … Read more

Where is God in times of trouble?

I had been doing nothing but shouting out my anger and hatred, but of course these feelings are incompatible with the Divine.


Worship Service June 30, 2024 Prelude: Impromptu – Jieun Yang, pianist Greetings Announcements Hymn: “Come Thou My Light, That I May See” Opening of the … Read more


Worship Service June 23, 2024 Prelude: Air, from Componimenti Musicali, by Gottlieb Muffat (1690-1770) – Charles Calhoun, keyboardist Greetings Announcements Hymn: “God is Love, Let Heaven Adore … Read more

Our Self-Conscious Mind

Only through self-conscious choices can humans achieve their purpose of being, which is to become the image and likeness of God.