A Double Holy Week

► Hear “A Double Holy Week: Reflections on the Relationship between the Jewish Passover and the Christian Easter”

Spiritual Message by Dr. Rebecca Esterson, April 14, 2019
Scripture readings: Exodus 13:3-10, Mark 14: 12-16, 22-26

This week Jews and Christians around the world will celebrate one of the holiest weeks of their year. On Palm Sunday we explore the fascinating history of the holidays of Passover and Easter, the ways that we can be sensitive to their important differences and also how we might celebrate the potential for connections between our communities.

Rebecca Esterson is Assistant Professor in Sacred Texts and Traditions and Dorothea Harvey Professor of  Swedenborgian Studies. She earned her Ph.D. from the Graduate Division of Religious Studies at Boston University. She earned her Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School with a focus in world religions, and also studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem as a visiting graduate student.