Live Stream How To

Watch us live online through our website, on Facebook, or with Zoom.

All live streams can be viewed on our website here:  

To interact with us live, or watch a previously aired service, please watch on Facebook:

Swedenborg reading group can be accessed through Zoom only.

Facebook FAQ:

  • Can I watch on Facebook if I do not have a Facebook account?
    • Yes! Navigate to our Facebook page in your internet browser using the address above. You may see a red “Live” notification if we are currently broadcasting. Otherwise, click on “Posts” or “Videos” to access previously-aired services. The live stream will begin automatically at scheduled times.
      • If you do not have a Facebook account, you may find it easier to watch the stream on our website right here.
  • How do I interact with you and fellow viewers during the stream?
    • You must have a Facebook account in order to interact with us during the live stream. You cannot interact if you are viewing through our website though you may see others commenting during the stream.
  • I can’t see/hear or the video or audio stopped during the stream. What do I do?
    • Please try refreshing your internet browser if the stream is interrupted. If that does not work, please try disconnecting from your wifi and then reconnecting to reset the connection (make sure you know the network name and password).
    • Double check that your device’s volume is turned on, the video playback is not muted, and your internet connection is strong. Video streaming requires good signal.
  • I joined the stream late. How do I watch from the beginning?
    • If you are watching on Facebook, you may use the video controls to rewind the broadcast. However, you will no longer be watching live with others. Once the live broadcast ends, the stream will be interrupted for 10-15 mins and you will have to wait for the full recording to upload to Facebook. After the stream has ended, the video can be found under the “Posts” or “Videos” tab on Facebook. If you are watching on our website, you cannot rewind or stop the stream.
  • How do I watch previously-aired services?
    • Right now, all recordings are available on our Facebook page only. We plan to make these videos available on our website here soon.