Swedenborgian Book Project

Your input requested for a Women’s Companion to Swedenborg’s Conjugial Love

Rev. Julie Conaron and Chaplain Roslyn Taylor wish to collaboratively write a Women’s Companion to Swedenborg’s book “Conjugial Love”. The aim of the book is to contemporize the text’s teachings about marriage and reinterpret what it means for women today.

They are inviting Swedenborgian women, including people who have experienced themselves as female, from around the world to contribute their responses as we read through the book over the next 2 years. If you want to be part of this project please contact Julie ( julieconaron@hotmail.com) or Roslyn ( hrtaylor@temple.edu) so they can share the Google doc with you. You can respond to the entire text, or just to specific numbers that interest you. Feel free to share this invitation with other Swedenborgian/New Church women!

Listen to Julie & Roslyn discussing their Conjugial Love project at the Swedenborgian Online Community here.