Special Sermon Series

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Asking questions about our faith and spirituality is an important and encouraged part of Swedenborgian theology. In 2021, Rev. Junchol Lee presented a sermon series that dove a little deeper into the Swedenborgian view of the nature of God and humanity with its emphasis on the synergy between our rational and spiritual selves.

Is God real? Watch on YouTube here.

Is God real? Believing in something or someone other than oneself is challenging for humans. Simply accepting reality and having certainty of what exists outside of oneself requires a degree of mental work and processing. Many confess to believe in God, yet when faced with this simple question, many are left puzzled. Rev. Junchol Lee reflects on this simple yet deeply spiritual matter.

What is spirituality? Watch here.

One of the most common topics of conversation these days seems to be spirituality. People quite often use the term “spirituality” when referring to the wellbeing of their body and mind. However, the essence of the message of Jesus Christ is the wellbeing of the spirit, which is related to the body and mind, yet different. Rev. Lee reflects and explore the meaning and implication of “spirituality” in accordance with the Bible and Swedenborgian theology.   

What is the New Church? Watch here.

The New Church is how the first Swedenborgians identified themselves and June 19th has been celebrated as the New Church Day since the 1800s. The name, the New Church, expresses the hope and vision of Emmanuel Swedenborg toward a truer Christianity that could embrace all religions and inspire people to practice spiritual humility and kindness. Rev. Lee reflects on the meaning of the New Church and its faith.

What is the significance of the Bible? Watch here.

The Bible is a book written by ancient people regarding the life of even more ancient people. For Christians, the Bible is the foundation of their faith and the only source of truth. However, how to understand the stories in the Bible have created many divisions among Christians, and to a degree it still does. Rev. Lee reflects on the importance of the Bible, and a way to accept and understand the stories in the Bible in the 21st century.

Is heaven real? Watch here.

What is heaven? There are countless stories and theories about it. For many, heaven’s existence is often affirmed by those who claim to have experienced it through dreams, visions, or other ways. But is it real? Rev. Lee reflects upon this age-old question and Swedenborg’s explanation about the existence and reality of heaven. 

Who is a true Christian? Watch here.

Jesus Christ gave us inspiring and revolutionary messages that were meant for the whole human race. In this 21st century, about 31% of people on earth declare themselves as Christians. Yet, the simple and powerful message of Jesus Christ is still far away from being implemented in the way we live. Rev. Junchol Lee reflects on what it means to identify oneself as a Christian, and further, how one becomes a truer Christian.