Special Sermon Series

Sundays, May 30 – August 1 at 11 a.m. PDT

Asking questions about our faith and spirituality is an important and encouraged part of Swedenborgian theology. Beginning May 30th, Rev. Junchol Lee will present a series of short talks that will dive a little deeper into the Swedenborgian view of the nature of God and humanity with its emphasis on the synergy between our rational and spiritual selves.

The talks will be streaming live online with limited in-person attendance beginning in July*. 

May 30th – Is God real? Watch on YouTube here.

Is God real? Believing in something or someone other than oneself is challenging for humans. Simply accepting reality and having certainty of what exists outside of oneself requires a degree of mental work and processing. Many confess to believe in God, yet when faced with this simple question, many are left puzzled. Rev. Junchol Lee reflects on this simple yet deeply spiritual matter.

June 6th – What is spirituality?

One of the most common topics of conversation these days seems to be spirituality. In my observation, people quite often use the term “spirituality” when referring to the wellbeing of their body and mind. However, the essence of the message of Jesus Christ is the wellbeing of the spirit, which is related to the body and mind, yet different. Rev. Lee reflects and explore the meaning and implication of “spirituality” in accordance with the Bible and Swedenborgian theology.   

June 20th – What is the New Church?

July 4th – What is the significance of the Bible?

July 18th – Is heaven real?

August 1st – Who is a true Christian?

*Details and timing of in-person services are subject to change.