Church Organ Repair Fundraiser

Help us repair our church organ!

Based on favorable congregational feedback, we will be moving forward with repairing the Allen Organ for and estimated $4,200. But we need your help to fund the repair, please consider making a donation!

Contact to office to ensure your contribution is properly allocated: or 415-346-6466

Our church organ fell into disrepair during the pandemic and has not been used since, though many have expressed a desire to hear its vibrant tones once more. The organ was originally purchased in 1998 after five years of fundraising through concerts, book and CD sales, and individual donations. According to former music director Garrett Collins, the organ was considered state-of-the-art technology, providing numerous digitally recorded organ and orchestral sounds suitable for worship, weddings and concerts at a fraction of the cost of a pipe organ with minimal maintenance.

Garrett, who many of you may recognize from recent Sunday service participation, adds, “It should not be overlooked that this particular model was also selected for some of its digitally pre-recorded sounds from the Westminster Abbey Organ in London to pair with the small, yet historically significant glass window installed under the bell tower in the choir area of our little church. It is medieval glass from the original Westminster Abbey brought in by Bruce Porter. While the glass may not be particularly valuable, the story and the memory are invaluable.”

We are so pleased to have the opportunity to breathe new life into the Allen Organ and hope many of you will contribute to its repair! Please consider making a donation today.

When making your donation, please be sure to indicate that it is for the organ repair. If donating by check, simply write “organ repair” in the memo line. If by credit card, please contact the office to let us know the date and amount of your donation. Thank you!