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Conserving the Dove Window:
A Spiritual Journey Through Time

In 2013, during an inspection of the San Francisco Swedenborgian Church, it was discovered that the Dove Window — which had lit up the sanctuary for 118 years — was falling apart.

When the window was made, the revolutionary San Francisco artist Bruce Porter selected a sheet of beautiful blue glass. Yet, a fatal weakness in that glass has now left the window riddled with cracks.

Rising to action, the church raised funds and hired Nzilani Glass Conservation, led by Ariana Makau, to try and save the crumbling window.


A Film By

Ian Carr


Reverend Junchol Lee — Senior Pastor, Swedenborgian Church of San Francisco

Douglas G. Stinson — Church Council Member

Ariana Makau — Principal Conservator, Nzilani Glass Conservation

Armelle Le Roux — Stained Glass Artist, Nzilani Glass Conservation

Ted Ellison — Stained Glass Artist, Theodore Ellison Designs


Lea Park

John Gwynn

Rev. Doug Moss


Second Camera — Oliver Ousterhout


Robert Carr

Ramsay Leimenstoll

Restoration Project Manager

Dana Owens

Nzilani Glass Conservation Team

Ariana Makau — Owner & Principal Conservator
Armelle Le Roux — Master Stained Glass Artist
Daniel Maloney — Master Stained Glass Artist & Carpenter
Robin Conner — Stained Glass Artist & Carpenter
Kirk Kwiatkowski — Journeyman Stained Glass Artist

Special Thanks

The San Francisco Swedenborgian Church congregation

John Gaul

Chesley Chen

My friends & family