Second Sunday Concert Series

Every Second Sunday, 7 pm, at the Swedenborgian Church

Tickets $20, available at the door or online at

September 10, 2017: Patrick Ball

Master of Celtic Harp and Irish Storytelling

The Irish have always delighted in storytelling. Their passion for eloquence and wordplay, their deep devotion to their mythical past, their ability to find joy and humor in a dark world, and their belief that the supernatural world could appear between one breath and the next made their stories and the telling of them unrivaled in the world of the oral tradition. Patrick Ball rekindles the fire and wonder of an evening of Irish storytelling. For in telling the marvelous old tales of wit and enchantment, and in playing the ancient, brass-strung harp of Ireland, he not only carries on two of the richest traditions of Celtic culture, but blends them in concert to create “a warm and magical performance.”  “An American master of the Irish instrument, a peripatetic modern day bard, combining tale-telling, history and music into a seamless compound that reaches all ages and types of listeners.” – San Francisco Chronicle. Tickets are available at

October 8, 2017: Janam – Final Concert!

Ride from the Balkans to Appalachia

Janam ( My Soul ) blends Balkan, Near Eastern and American roots and inspired original music, creating rapturous acoustic textures, whirling rhythms and stunning vocal harmonies. Led by Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble veteran Juliana Graffagna, Janam unites some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most imaginative and devoted practitioners of Balkan and Near Eastern music, who weave together Eastern exoticism, gritty Appalachian folk melodies and their own inspired compositions.