Hymnal Repair Workshop

Volunteers Needed To Repair Our Hymnals!

Sundays through January – 12:30 – 2:30pm

Repair will be take place the following Sundays after service:

Jan. 14 -Bette Mc Donnell
Jan. 22 – Bette Mc Donnell
Our hymnals love being held! They’ve been held so much, they’re in need of some tender, loving care. Beginning, Sunday, September 3rd, we’ll gather around the dining table in the parish house and repair torn pages and bindings. No expertise needed. This is an opportunity to continue fellowship after coffee hour. Please join us in restoring the hymnals so we can continue to sing along with our magnificent choir!
For more info, please contact Bette McDonnell, betonwords@gmail.com or Shelley Smith at shells98103@yahoo.com.