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Honor Your Loved One with a Memorial Service
in a Unique Sanctuary with a Loving Theology

At the Swedenborgian Church we believe that nobody dies alone.

Each of us, no matter the circumstance, leaves behind family, friends, partners, neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances.

When it comes time for us to honor those who have passed into another life, a memorial service is a peaceful, loving way to gather, share remberances, and say goodbye.

Celebrating one’s life is special in the Swedenborgian community as we choose to emphasize the continuing life of a person’s spirit over the finality of death. However, so long as our spirit and physical bodies are inseparable, dying remains a part of our life.

Only when our spirit becomes independent of our body can we say with the apostle Paul,

“Death has no dominion.” –Romans 6:9

For more information or to schedule a Memorial Service, please email or call (415) 346-6468.