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Events and Classes

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Candlelight Yoga in the Sanctuary

Monday, June 5, 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Come practice yoga in our beautiful, candelit sanctuary!

An all level, donation-based Vinyasa Flow class. Please bring your own mat and any other props needed.

The class will be taught by our very own Events Manager and Yoga Instructor Ashley Houston. Please register on or contact Ashley at or 415-346-6468.

Swedenborgian Retreat
May 26th - May 29th, St. Dorothy's Rest

"Hope is Under Foot" is the theme of the 2017 West Coast Swedenborgian Retreat, to be held over the Memorial Day weekend at the beautiful St. Dorothy's Rest Retreat Center, nestled in the redwood hills of Sonoma County California. All are welcome to join us in a weekend of fun, relaxation, and Swedenborgian explorations.

For details on the activities, go to the Retreat Website and click on the "Workshops" tab.

The Retreat is a great time to make new Swedenborgian friends and reconnect with old ones. St. Dorothy's Rest is the perfect setting to unwind from work-a-day stress and reconnect with your spiritual side.

There is plenty of time to relax, read, walk the forest paths, shop at the quaint boutiques in near-by Occidental or have fun on the Russian River or at the Pacific Ocean.

The retreat starts with a light dinner on Friday, May 26th and ends after lunch on Monday, May 29th.

Sunday School
Lessons are ideally suited for ages 9-11. However, our Sunday School teachers are both willing and able to take children as young as 4 in their classes. We also provide childcare for children as young as 1-3 years old. Contact Rev. Lee at for more information.

Meditation with Daoism
Every 2nd Thursday, 7 p.m. - 8:15 p.m. (Except June and July)

The meditation is composed of five parts:

  • Breathing Meditation,
  • Self-guided Meditation with Music,
  • Reading from Daoism text and reflection,
  • Insight Meditation, and
  • Silent Meditation.
All are welcome. Meditation experience is not necessary to participate. For questions, please contact

Help Restore the Bride's Room Door!

Perhaps you've noticed this graying, weathered door between the sanctuary and parish house? It leads into the bride's room, but has been inoperable for several years now due to damage caused by time and weather. Though the door has become a bit of an eyesore in recent years, repairs have been pushed back due to lack of funds. But we believe with a little effort and your help, we can restore the door this year!

We need to raise $2,500 to restore and repair the door. We will use the same reputable company that repaired the other, now lustrous doors in the sanctuary (Antonio's Antiques). Please consider donating any amount to help us achieve this goal!

Swedenborg Reading Group: New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrines
Sunday Mornings, 9:20 - 10:20 a.m. ongoing

The book covers simple and brief explanations of key concepts of Swedenborgian belief.

This is not a class, but a gathering for book reading and discussion. All are welcome to join, and drop-ins are definitely welcome.

The New Century Edition will be used for this gathering, which can be found online here or purchased. Please inform Rev. Junchol Lee at of your participation and if you need a copy of the book.

Book Inspired by St. Christopher Window Restoration
We are pleased to announce that the book, "The Most Creative Bit of Glasswork in the City: The Art and Conservation of Bruce Porter's St. Christopher Window" by Douglas Stinson, Church Member, is available for purchase.

The St. Christopher Window is one of three stained glass windows in the San Francisco Swedenborgian Church. This book weaves a web with strands that connect a favorite saint, an American revolution in stained glass design, a west-coast cultural renaissance, and a now obscure Swedish scientist and theologian. With beautiful photographs and prose, it brings to life the art and science of art conservation as dedicated people of various talents and interests struggle to preserve a cherished part of America's cultural heritage.

Support the Fund that Supports Our Special Musical Events
For the Easter holiday, the choir and I learned a new anthem to sing, along with one we've sung in prior years. As we rehearsed, I was reminded yet again of how fortunate I am to work with such a dedicated and giving group. I still have fond memories of the two Advent concerts we presented last December; many of you were able to attend, and as always, many visitors were present also.

It was the first year we sang the concert twice, a decision taken because on those occasions our small and welcoming sanctuary was becoming progressively more crowded with every passing year. Happily, again many people came, and I even encountered one of our neighbors at both. After our excitement calmed down and we thought about how everything had gone it became clear that if we are to continue this tradition, more financial support via our Arlene Lamanet Adams Music Fund will be required: the total cost of the two concerts in 2012 was about $4,500, which was much more than the sum remaining in the music fund plus the donations made at the concert. Our hope was that contributions the evenings of the concerts would approximately cover their cost, but as it happened donations were about the same as the previous year, while the cost was double.

To offer a concert, our preparation and our collaboration with guest musicians will always require resources beyond the allocation for our weekly services. To this end I feel I should speak about our music fund from time to time, and invite your contributions. Personally, I have always appreciated the importance of music in the life and work of the parish, week in and week out. Your contribution to our music fund will provide support for events at special times in the year, such as Advent, while also recalling cherished memories of our dear Arlene Adams and her many contributions to the life of the parish, especially her gift of music.

Please contribute securely through PayPal and please specify "Music Fund" for your gift.

With all good wishes,

Charles Calhoun

Giving Online
Your donations support this ministry and historic landmark. Please contribute securely through PayPal.

Helping the Homeless
Please keep the Rev. Megan Rohrer, executive director of Welcome Ministry, and her ministry, in mind, by bringing personal grooming items (like the little shampoos and stuff you get free in hotels) as their supply needs replenishment and the numbers of people at the Saturday Community Dinners is increasing.

Please bring your soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and toothbrushes and all those personal grooming items you collect during your travels. Ask family members, co-workers, and friends who keep a “secret stash” of these, and ask them to share them for a good cause. Plus, there is always a need for new socks (plain white tube socks) and underwear (men's underwear in a variety of sizes.)

You may drop the items off in the wicker basket in the Parish House on Sundays, or during the week. Let's fill it, so we can make another delivery to Rev Megan Rohrer at Welcome Ministry.

Did you know?
Most of the sermons given here are recorded or transcribed and posted here on our church website. You can listen to your past favorites or sermons from weeks that you have missed.

On-Line Worshipping Community
If you live far from a local Swedenborgian church, or find yourself otherwise homebound, you may enjoy logging on to our denomination's online church community:

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